<h1 class="titular">A classic restaurant of Salamanca’s neighbourhood</h1>
<h2>More than 20 years of excellent quality</h2><p> La Paloma is a classic restaurant of Salamanca´s neighbourhood not only for its history as a mythical restaurant of the neighbourhood, but also for its decoration, menu and wine cellar.</p><h3>The decoration</h3><p>La Paloma is characterized by a classic and impeccable décor. Its walls are decorated with different pictures styles, highlighting from the rest the one which represents the main dining area full of tables and customers with vivid colours and great realism. At the same time this picture is used as the main decoration on the dishes.</p><p>In addition, the table decoration is enhanced with ornamental elements: a flower for the lunch and a candle for the dinner.</p><h3>Food and wine menu</h3><p> In relation to the food and wine menu, La Paloma is a classic restaurant of Salamanca´s neighbourhood due to the use of best quality products with an innovative manufacture/production.</p><p>Using seasonal products, we get a high quality flavor in our dishes since they are 100% fresh with all its nutrients and properties.</p> <p>Regarding the wine menu, La Paloma restaurant has a great wine selection with the best Certification of Origin (red, rosé or white wine), as well as cava and champagne.</p>
<h3>Service</h3><p>These days it is hard to find a friendly room team that gives an exquisite customer service. From the room and kitchen team to the valet service, all the services in La Paloma work for the customer satisfaction.</p><p>If you are looking for a classic restaurant of Salamanca´s neighbourhood, with the quality and excellence of one of the best restaurants in Madrid, La Paloma will not disappoint you.</p>


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