<p class="titular">Our history</p>
<h1>Something <span class="azul">about us</span></h1>
<h2>La Paloma Origin</h2>
<p>La Paloma is the result of more than 21 years collaborating of two well-known professionals in the catering trade: Segundo Alonso as Kitchen manager and Mariano Ávila as maître.</p><p>Both of them met in one of the most renownedrestaurants in Madrid where they worked for some years until they felt the necessity to face new projects and which project could be more attractive as a catering trade professional to open your own restaurant?.</p><p>For this reason, on the 8th of April of 1992, La Paloma restaurant is born. It’s name has a curious origin due to it wasn’t chosen for its “castizo” name as it could be thought (restaurant located in the middle of the Salamanca neighborhood) but the mixture of both partners daughters ( Patricia, Lorena y Marta) to form La Paloma.</p><p>Anecdotes apart, the reality was that a new restaurant came out run by two people full of excitement and experience.</p><p>The results didn’t wait long to come to life and La Paloma got quite quickly positive critic and audience recognition. A Michelin star, Campsa sun and an average score of 7,5 in the Goumetour Guide are a few of the achievements now obtained by La Paloma.</p>
<h2>More than 20 years’ with excellent quality</h2>
<p>During these years, the restaurant has maintained faithfully its value: warm and cozy ambience, exquisite manners and the best produce in order to elaborate its innovative cuisine with a very personal touch.</p><p>Nowadays, La Paloma Restaurant, maintains this philosophy, taking special care to details in all aspects.From decoration in the restaurant with different picture stylesto the inclusion of natural plants in the indoor garden that gives a natural touch and help on separating different environments.</p><p>One of the pictures that decorates the restaurant it was painted by Costa Vila, representing the main dining area and at the same time is used as the main decoration on the dishes.</p><p>In addition, the terrace is highlightedwhere there is a special miniature tapas menu to enjoy a great variety of dishes at affordable prices.</p><p>For all these reasons, La Paloma is today one of the most interesting gastronomic offers in Madrid.</p>