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<p>… 3 weeks ago has born, one of the best restaurants in Madrid, La Paloma…</p><p>Metrópoli, Nº101, 1992</p> <p>In the center of Madrid, and in a place with a long gastronomic tradition, has opened a new temple of fine dining, La Paloma ….</p><p>Elle, Nº73, 1992</p> <p>Segundo Alonso y Mariano Ávila offer to the clients good seasonal products…</p><p>Club de Gourmets, Nº211, 1993</p> <p>Segundo Alonso, from Galicia but living in Madrid work with Mariano Ávila in La Paloma in Salamanca neighborhood. All the dishes are done with best quality produce and products from the season…</p><p>Moma, Nº09, 2007</p>