<p class="titular">Services</span></p>
<h1>Our <span class="azul">services</span></h1>
<h2>Special menus</h2>
<p>If you are interested on group,Christmas or a specialized menu, these can be adjusted according to your requirements.</p><p>La Paloma restaurant can also elaborate a menu to your certain criteria.</p><p>Menus where you can enjoy excellent food and quality service can also be tailored to the number of people, budget and dishes you would like to incorporate.</p><p>Don’t hesitate contact us for any query or booking on special menus.</p>
<h2>Catering Companies</h2>
<p>We understand your week is busy, which is why we provide a catering service. You should relax and let us take the stress out of your culinary needs, whether it be for work meetings or even after a long working day. The only requirement is having a place to be able to organize the meal.</p><p>Many companies trust us, so if your company would be interested on this service, don’t hesitate to contact us and we could provide you with a quote according to you needs.</p>
<p>From La Paloma restaurant, we can provide you with a special experience on any event/occasion.</p><p>There is a possibility of including the service of “cook in your house”. We can provide a chef waiters, dinner service & dishware. Let us organize your entire culinary event and organize all the required details. La Paloma restaurant will be in charge of it.</p><p>Ask for a quote according to your characteristics and event needs.</p>