<h1 class="titular">A specialized mushrooms <br>restaurant in Madrid</h1>
<h2>Mushrooms are our specialty</h2><h3>For mushrooms lovers</h3><p>La Paloma restaurant, who is specialised in seasonal cuisine, is transformed in a specialized mushrooms restaurant in Madrid at the time of mushrooms.</p> <p>Mushrooms lovers are abundant and even more in mushroom gastronomy. Autumn is the best season for mushrooms and to taste dishes using these excellent products.</p><h3>Mushrooms gastronomy</h3><p>Mushrooms have different aromas and flavours that became a necessary element for an exquisite flavour.</p>
<p>Spain is a country with a wide variety of edible mushrooms. Our cuisine team are a group of professionals that knows the features of the different mushrooms varieties to know when they have to use them. This is very important to obtain the right flavour on each dish.</p> <p>Mushrooms are carefully collected by experts to give the highest quality to the restaurant dishes. We elaborate them in different ways as griddled, fried, raw or stewed. La Paloma, as a specialized mushrooms restaurant in Madrid, has found its niche on the market.</p>
<h3>Seasonal mushrooms</h3><p>La Paloma restaurant provides dishes with the season´s best ingredients to its customers. Offering fresh and market product its foods retain their properties completely to one hander percent.
Mushrooms have a high content in digestive proteins and monosaccharide or disaccharide carbohydrates. Furthermore, mushrooms contain many vitamins too.</p><p>If you are a mushroom gastronomy lover and you are looking for a specialized mushrooms restaurant in Madrid, come to La Paloma and you will be impressed by its cuisine and the best customer service. Enjoy the autumn as never before.</p>


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